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Merchant Services Exposed© Line by Line Audits   Let us audit your recent merchant services statements so we can expose the over-charging and junk fees you are paying!

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Trust Choice Merchant Services to expose and teach the truth about credit/debit card processing!

How Merchant Service Fees Work

When a business accepts a credit/debit card payment,
these entities get paid.

  1. The Assessments- fee that goes to the logo on the card. (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover)
  2. Interchange Rates- goes to the bank that issued the card. (Wells Fargo, BOA, Chase, etc.)
  3. Processor- goes to the processor for processing the transaction. (First Data, TSYS, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  4. ISO- Independent Sales Organization that represents the processor. (Choice Merchant Services, Finical, Shift Processing, etc.)

Start the Process

Current/ Existing Businesses
  • Scan the most recent merchant statement
  • Scan your merchant service program contract, if any.
  • Scan your equipment contract, if any.
  • Email all scanned documents to info@choicemerchantservices.net
  • We will perform our Merchant Service Exposed line by line audit that will uncover any overcharging and junk fees.
  • We will contact you to schedule a free conference to customize our best merchant service.

New Startup Businesses:

  • Download, complete and scan the New Businesses pre-application.
  • Email the pre-app to info@choicemerchantservices.net
  • We will contact you to schedule a free conference to customize our best merchant service program and answer any questions.

New Business Pre-Application

Learn about the 10 questions you should always ask when hiring a potential Processor/ISO

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